• Gian Dharam

Yoga Warrior 2022 Blue Planet Mother Earth. Will You Vote For This Intention? Please Read & Inquire!

Thank You Turtle Island. Voting Link https://iamyogawarrior.com/2022/gian-olm-dharam

Bringing the wisdom of the ages nourishing the blossoming flowering rainbow garden of the future humanity upon Turtle Island. The golden age from the deep... olm dharam

It would be my deepest honer & highest excitement to receive this opportunity to share universal knowledge in this years Yoga Warrior Journal & further, some relevance to its integration among us as a whole. I bow! Thank You...

Coming Equinox Breath Of Fire... Or Long Deep Breathing Towards (One Minute Breath)

Cultivating The Golden Embryo - Dragon Breathing...


Informative Information Following Links:

:) We truly hope you enjoy this transparency and feel inspired...

Gratitude & Appreciation Holding Hands Create Warm Hearts ;)

Teacher Of Kriya Yoga / Pilates Teacher Trainer / Herbalist - Botany / Wise Council






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