• Gian Dharam

Wolf Pack Grow Strong Through Diversity by Coming Together Universally Wolf Howells to Human Family!

The Red Nation Shall Rise Again; Within all skin colors of earths children, and this shall be a blessing for a sick world! A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separation. A world longing for light again!

Crazy Horse of Oglala Lakota Nation.

Gian Dharam (Within all skin colors of earths children) Star Nations

Humanities Gathering Together Of Love & Compassion Has Began. Our Global Evolution. One Tribe Of The Rainbow. A New Age Of Consciousness Is Sounding. Right Relations Returning To All Spirits Between All Worlds. Join The Howling, The Longing & Rejoicing... Wolf Teacher Planetary Yoga.

The Darkening Of The Year, May Our Hearts Grow Three Times Larger & Courageous!

Two More Visitors Will Speak Onto Winter Solstice. A Great Light Exists Within All Beings. Our Light Grows When It Is Shared... Festive Celebrations Of Light & Love Winter Solstice Our Light Returning... You Are Here For A Reason :) Lifetimes

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