• Gian Dharam

Wolf. Gather & Pull Together For The New Ways, The Food Ways, Seeds Of Life Tethered Within Weathers

The Dark & Light Wolf; The Teacher Of Thought As Matter. To see through all fears in darkness you must remain clear, vigilant and focused upon the light (the direction you wish to travel) in honoring the darkness you are experiencing, the fears become more rational, the body can then settle and become grounded. Since the beginning of time darkness has thrived in the void, but has always yields to purified light.

Wolf speaks to the two legged of family and the wisdom to life in the guidance of love and compassion during the earth walk. When choosing the higher path or good red road over & over throughout ones life we naturally become more fluid with love and compassion which is the very nature of the universe itself. Our consciousness grows continually towards this merger with source even after death upon astral plains. Living with love and compassion conditions the spirit, the soul elevating our being in moving through the blue world after death to the plains of consciousness.

The dark and light wolf speaks of the mastery of polarity, to remember your breathing, to find balance and remain peaceful within. Then we are able to smell the fragrance in the air, dream freely and create joyfully. Continual Renewal throughout the cycles of life, birth and death of all forms; Presence!

Dec. 3rd - The Last Dark Moon Before Winter Solstice - Prayer, Joyful Wishes, Dream...

Planetary Yoga Winter Studies: Documentary "Gather" (Netflix)

Planetary Yoga Enjoys Offering Productive Home Study Throughout The Winter :)

Short Aquaponics links: https://youtu.be/T15gXm6ha_I


New Perspectives On Life. Create Life, Create Abundance...

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