• Gian Dharam

Winters Restorative Restful Refuge. Waters Cleansing Purification. Cold & Ice Illuminate & Liberate!

Deepen your gaze. Open your eyes. What is it, that you must dream of upon the deep darkening of this year? Focus your thoughts and energy upon creation. In the stillness of winters solstice approaching. What is creation speaking to you? What is the creativity you wish to be? We are never alone and everything is connected as the atmosphere is conductive. Look after your body, stay connected to source energy, rest well and dream freely. Stay Close To Nature. Remain In The Flow Of The Cosmos.

Claim your birth right! Own your very "Being Breathing Beating Life Force". Your Light Lives Forever! Live & Breath This! Time is an illusion, this means you have move of it! So take your time to project your singing, croaking, or dance out into the universe. It will still be ringing within the stars long after we journey on from this body... Remembered.

Cleanse, Purity & Creativity. See You In The Spring Time To Recreate :) Planetary Yoga...

Contact Gian for support with your yoga this winter... An open ear & wise voice. Caring informative counsel. Many Blessings.

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