• Gian Dharam

Whale Sounds Rising! With Love, It's Our Love, We Will Rise Above. Learn To Sound A Good Story. Lead

Sounds: Thoughts, voice and action. Conception; please be gentle with yourself and others. Do not judge your thoughts! Meditate on the breath, conceive. Your thoughts are most often not your own, and they are certainly not to own. Discernment in choosing the flow you wish to follow. You must breath, you must conceive and throughout your days, you must choose. Choose to feed your higher self full of love, compassion and imagination. Live the life the cosmos has offered to you, listening deep within (Do include your tummy & precious heart) and grow by your rising. Your Rising Into Yourself, your truest feelings embody. Transformation.

Sound to others your voice of truth always in all ways. Sing, chant and speak. Existence is vibration, a pebble in a pond :) You have no idea how beautiful you are. Creation does not tell anyone of us who we are, only the gift to live you. Sing and chant your love freely, sound harmonizes your cellular body creating equilibrium (Inner Heat, Peace & Release) opening the doorway through meditation. Conception.

The brain does not function to isolate creation. It is an instrument of the central nervous system in function with the aura field (Biosphere) that is an eternal consciousness.

Your Physical Body Is Sacred & Such Is All Life. Live Light. Planetary Yoga...

Great Change In Our Growing. Perspective Narrative; Culture, Production & Economy.

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