• Gian Dharam

We Are Part Of An Evolution Of Consciousness Rising In Love Awakening To All Known. Rise In Love LOL

Unity Consciousness Rising As One. This is a call to all the beautiful rainbow beings, the rainbow warriors shinning bright bravely leading others to the earths true wealth sharing life in love radiating radiant health, "your joy" :)

Let go of the shore & allow the river to take you to the great sway, our ocean. Do not be scared as their is nothing to fear. This does not mean we have to abandon each other and everything we have accomplished in our efforts. It simply means humanity is ripe and ready for a new way of life living together among one another upon this beautiful blue planet we fly throughout our universe on.

Heaven is on earth before our eyes within each other waiting for your choice. Choose Love with others, understanding, compassion, tolerance, reflection, movement & growth.

Choose to love, choose life, living! The moment you do suffering becomes life, pain becomes joy and movement becomes growth.

Say Yes To Life, Say Yes To Light, Say Yes To Love.

We must love each other. Happy Equality Equinox

Planetary Love. Growth!

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