• Gian Dharam

Vote for your Yoga Devotee of 2021Yoga Journal. Yoga Warrior 2021 A Great Story For Our Future Child

All Humans alike; If you could share your love with me & help me with my part in the vision I see for well being & healing. I will serve you for your part in the vision you see for well being & healing. In Loving each other, we will not project our way of thinking of life over one another or attempt to control the life we share together! If you love me, then along side me, you too will listen to creation larger & wiser then we! Balance Between Divine Feminine & Masculine.

For this we will always receive growing & learning together forever... Planetary Yoga

Their are worlds within worlds. We all carry real magic within our ability to love and it grows when it is shared. Swim within your ocean, your depth of self knowing, surrender & expand...

Vote for your Yoga Devotee of 2021. A Great Vision to be shared within Yoga Journal Magazine...


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