• Gian Dharam

This Is So Far Beyond Culture, Race Or Color, Economics Or Laws Based In The Past. You Are Universal

Fox Speaks Chakras; Chakras, Study Your Chakras :) "Everybody" Loves Chakras! Winter's Study With Planetary Yoga; Learning The Chakras, a foundational experience of reality...

Learning Your Chakras can bring to you complete equilibrium. A balance between left & right body & mind grounding your essence of another nature. Through persistence homeostasis is reached. The awareness can become a source for one's well being throughout the journey of life. Contact Planetary Yoga Today To Learn Of, Awaken & Balance Your Chakras.

Be Mindful: This Practice Can Bring You Closer To The Forces Of Nature You Experience Everyday Deepening Your Awareness Of Presence Of The All Pervading Universe Space & Time…

Much knowledge in a great collective awareness to be shared & wisdom to blossom within the hearts of a new rising humanity. Collectively aware of source energy and right relationship in connectivity! The care bear stare; Peace of a greater harmony & state of consciousness upon earth. It is in the stars; Look to the Big & Little Bear. Happy New Beginnings This Year... Over & Over. Year of a big water cat approaches from the elemental worlds. It is my honer to connect here with you. May the force be with you. Planetary Yoga... "a greater harmony upon earth".

Thank You To Photographer Jonatan Pie.

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