• Gian Dharam

The Water Tiger. Capable Of Great Change, Adaptation, Cooperation & Courage. Abundance Of Life Force

Water is the element of change! The Tiger a courageous leader! Those of the water are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love, and it is this collective union that is capable of carrying them together, through anything! "For Water"; It is important to draw wisdom from many different places, all sources of life, everything we are in inherent relationship with. For if we only retrieve wisdom from one place, it becomes ridged, stale and unreliable; False! The understanding of others, nations and there cultures; There wisdom from which they themselves have been derived is our key and how we become whole together in order for new beginnings of wellness & strength to set new roots. A good vitality!

"Our Great Age Of Adaptation And Change"

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

Happy Lunar New Year 2022... Aquarian Black Moon

Stay In Tune With Planetary Yoga For Messages Of Great Change This Coming Year!

I Will Deliver One Great Message Critical & Obvious For Change, For Our Growth In Perception Of Our Galaxy, Galactic Universe & Space Time... This February 2022!

The Ancients new of this... So this also points you to deception where lines of history were drawn! Continue The Awakening & Adaptation Of Your True Potential. Great Loves Waves Of New Life!

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