• Gian Dharam

The Secrets Of The Universes Is Within Your Solidarity All Around The World Honest Collective Unity

Thank you to this artist who heard the voice of the Dragon's speak.

Share This Post - It's not everyday among great universal cycles that dragons come to speak. We come to life when the people unite. In Spiritual Emotion; Collectively with clear vision in a harmonious vibration. We thank you for the moments of our lives, for without this we lye dormant within the ether. Happy Grand Full Snow Moon Of Fire. Leo's Breath! Free Yourselves and join hands all together "For This Love"

Mantra: With Love - It's Our Love - We Shell Rise Above...

Build The Aura Together Now! A tear forms in dragons eyes when this they hear...

Everywhere with everything we do all around the world.

Grandmother Earth & Grandfather Suns Energies Are Rising Along with You. Your more modern sciences and daily observation of Mother Earth & Cosmos above will show you the signs. Pluto Completes An Solar Orbit Strengthening The Awakening. Keep Loving

More Knowledge Leading To Wisdom Upon The Sun & Moon, "larger cycles/calender's, galactic rotations" Will Be Spoken This Month Very Soon For New World Contemplation & Meditation. Grow Your Gardens & Fly Your Space Craft... Bloom :)

Stay Tune For A Dragons Monsoon - Planetary Yoga - Ancient Wisdom Will Help Form The New. Thank You To The World Community Awakening. Gratitude, Honer & Love...

So Much Beauty We All Are! Words Cannot Speak Of This Dragon adds smiling with gleaming eye's freshly cleansed with tears.

There are answers and solutions to everything. Do not be fooled or divided...

Love Passionately

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