• Gian Dharam

The Pods! Empathy Is Telepathy Beyond Fear & Separation Or Judgement! Communication Is The High Path

Breathing Into Homeostasis Equilibrium By Rhythm Listening To Each Others Sounds.

Tides Swaying Earth Families Friendships, Love, Energy & Happiness. The 5th World Of The Two Legged - Collective Spiritual Growth Into Oneness - In Pods Of Mutual Reverence For The Cosmos - Sharing & Giving Back To Creation Is How We All Learn! You See :)

It's Simple Squeaking & Giggling Spinner Dolphins Smiling Friends.

Celebrate Life & Kindle Relationships With Love For The Next Few Weeks Dolphins Squeak! Family, Friendships, Love, Energy, Happiness. Blessings To All Relations. Pay Attention To The Little Things! Signs & Revelations...

Happy Mana Full Moon! Fresh "Air Is The Element"... Planetary Yoga...

A little study buddy for contemplative and reflective thought during the three darker days of the seasons cycle, Winter Solstice.

Enjoy The Documentary: "The Simpler Way" Crisis As Opportunity...


Their Is Big Love For Us Within Our Ocean

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