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The MothMan Prophecies. The Elemental Kingdom Returning Upon Springs Awakening. Vedas Vedanta (Goal)

May the winter be restful & soulful close to ones heart space. We are all a part of something so beautiful beyond our modern successions. Believe in what you feel!

Giant Water Bugs dormant hibernating dreaming of flooding the plains as Spring leaps into action.

Anti Gravity Bugs lifting off. In it's lightness without wing or engine their is liftoff! Hoovering :) Is it a magnetic principle of the earth these little ones attune to? "Vibration"

Vedantic Cosmology & Eschatology of the Vedanta"s union with modern science The Connected Universe - (Nassim Haramein)

Akash - Cosmic Matter - The Tesla Coil Transformer - Basis for wildest transmissions of electrical power. Force & Matter are reducible to potential attainable energy. Tesla's study of the Sanskrit Eastern view of the true nature of reality, that of the mechanisms of space/atom/proton that drive the power the material world (Existence):

Speech: Given before he familiarized himself with the Vedic sincere of the eastern nations of India, Tibet & Nepal. "Ear many generations pass, are machinery will be driven by a power attainable at any point in the universe"... Nicola Tesla

Quote: Throughout space, their is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static, are hopes are in vain. If kinetic and this we know it is! Then for certain it is only a question of time when Man will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheeled work of nature. Nicola Tesla

Upanishads: Ultimate Hidden Reality - Planetary Yoga...

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa - Ramakrishna Math - Ramakrishna Mission

Swami Vivekananda Nikola Tesla

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