• Gian Dharam

The journey we all swim together, is moving and singing and listening to one another always"Loving"

8 Week intro to Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy.

Orca whale swim the big journey together. Calling to our mothers rising this new spring season, Waxing Half Moon in Cancer (Water Moon), Dark to light Mahina

Tuesday 11am to 12:12pm

Mother Earth is our Cosmic Canoe Spiraling through the galaxy. This Ocean is vast and unknown! May we all paddle gracefully together with all our friends. Our craft will flow more smoothly in the direction we all vision to be. It is time for a new way of being among us upon our great mother within our history. We are ready to evolve after all we have been through and learned together. "The key is sound and listening". Swimming together!

Whales are wondrous at popping bubbles, literally obliterating nonsense with there singing flowing forward with the seasons currents and tides remaining with that which is forever true, primal sun and moon, our abundance swirling, curving and torquing as tides sway away to and foe, back and forth, this way and then that way. Kanaloa.

There is something much bigger then I on this planet on a journey. There is our journey we together are on and we must allow each other the space we need to breath and live freely and we must look for each other in beauty caring for one another along the way from our hearts authentic.

Animal Form Tai Chi Mongolian Inspiration - Spring Element - Orca Whale Essence Join Gian Dharam for a 72min practice of Breath and Movement gaining balance in the beauty of nature. Focus Breath, Generate Inner Heat, Stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and mobility of joints. Move with others, Within the Art-Form of your nature. Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm :) 11am - 12:12pm March 31st (Tuesday), 2020 Cancer Waxing Half Moon. A Practice of Deep Movement & Breathing in synchronized symphony swimming making the journey together singing, all forms of expression, laugh and have fun - By Donation - Practice ends at 12:12pm 72min OUTDOORS!

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