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The Heart Song Of Grizzly Bear Pounds So Loud; Deep Into The Mountains Grounds. The Biggest Heart...

CANADIANMURALS.COM Into "The Caves of Introspection"; An honest lover willing to look at anything from all points of view and remember what's true... Caring, Empathic & Understanding, High Guardian Mountain Appointed Lover of all creatures...

There is No Stronger Heart Universal, then Grizzly Bears. There Body, much alike ours; Strong on the Mountain, Humans Strengths Reflection...

Winter Listening & Contemplation, Life is Forever Learning & Changing...

The Dark Cave or Tunnel... Do not fall into despair in a changing moment or time... When moving in that direction, we resort to lower instinct less conducive or wise in regards to the outcome we hope for in a more joyful state!

At Times like these, to maintain and focus on what is truly beautiful and meaningful in ones heart in the true meaning and essence of Inner Strength...

Stay Strong Beautiful Grizzly Bears

Care Bears Stare A Beautiful New Earth Family Forever & Always... Intuitive Empathic...

Into The New Moon Cold, Pound, Pound, Pound Your Love Into The Ground!!!

New Moon In Scorpio Nov. 14th/2020 The Cosmic Heart Pounds... Oneness

Planetary Yoga...

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Mountains of

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Gian Dharam
Humanity and the Natural World.
Returning to Oneness.

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