• Gian Dharam

The Development Of The New Human Society In Communion With Earth Truly Sustainable. The Blue Planet

Need assistance at this time? My name is Gian Dharam world speaker, visionary and spiritual medium. I have the knowledge you are seeking to help you move forward in our world. You can speak with Gian online or by phone. E-mail to schedule; planetarypilatesyoga@gmail.com Gian Dharam's Presence remains in the currents of our multifaceted human society of today’s world and helps families, businesses and even communities find positive resolutions together and presents a refreshing liberalization from old and outdated means of conduct, renewing the memory of joy in a truly sustainable collective culture revealing the true meaning of abundance and production in the world we live today. Gian is very deep and heartfelt when listening and many attest to having heard there own self more clearly when speaking with Gian.

My name is Gian. Big Love To You! My heart and ears are open and I truly enjoy speaking with you shaping this world we fly through the cosmos upon together.

The Blue Planet: Looking Forward; We are building a new united world together, community by community around the globe 🙏 No beginning or ending, this is forever... E-mail to schedule a time to speak with Gian... Forest Nymph Planetary Yoga... Unity

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