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Squirrel Telling Story To Eagle, Earths Children Are Frisky... A New Wind Is Blowing, A New Way Is

Importance in what truly Matters... Exchanging and planting seeds into earth, instead of banking currency & economy. Arts and crafts for trades and gifts, basic needs instead of advice; and love instead of judgment... Sharing knowledge & wisdom through story and plays living globally day by day... The Seasons... The Earth provides for all of us. Everything that is made by us, belongs to all of us. Planetary Yoga...

The Real New World... A New World Tribe Of Unconditional Love... Peace On Earth...

The Golden Age... The Rainbow Humans... Forever Beings...

Universal income would be great, but we still must stop our modern production into the natural world and our senseless waste and pollution, so is it the right direction? Our production is senseless in the rate that it proceeds! It is now for the sake of production its self, not because its necessary. Meaningless in regards to human needs. A old pattern of Greed. Squirrel & Eagle taking Heed Calling to Earths Children to Believe...

In Yourselves! Oneness! Thank you to the animal & Insects Kingdoms & Humans alike for not wearing a mask believing in your higher senses, living biology and immune systems.

Kind of Silly, you humans can be... Squirrel chirps and Eagle Cry's... Giggles All Around...

The world is in a bit of a fearful funk at the moment... We are Okay! Its our pace and the manifested nonsense between us that does not exist in nature’s world naturally, to put it simply... Seems like the game is up and everyone is going to have to remember how to look out for each others well being, getting back to the beauty we create in simplicity of life, sharing this beauty... It’s the pressure’s we create that don’t exist... I won’t name it... I believe we will come together and let go of what no longer serves us and take better care of one another, all life and our planetary natural world... In slowing down are game, we will all have more time with the earth & a much much higher learning. We will share more abundance then any can imagine when we return to natures time :) Planetary Yoga...

Or perhaps Squirrel is just telling Eagle this is his Tree... What do you think?

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