• Gian Dharam

Spirit Bear The Season Deepens It's Darkening Hearkening Intuition Introspection Open To The Oneness

The Specialist Time Of Year. Dream and remain open to all possibility! Traveling with the Star Nations into subtler world to Winters Solstice can be expansive. "Winters Mothers Cave For Healing". Reflection, rejuvenation and renewal in our deepest understanding; "Deep Listening"! Do not accompany despair that illuminates lower instincts. Well in the dark, focus upon what you feel connected with, allow yourself to love this and light will reveal it's self.

MEDITATION, tuning into the state of love and compassion. The very throbbing of Mother Earth and The Universe. All Hearts Are This Oneness Including your Very Own.

We all have received our birth right for the tuning of our being into the state of love and compassion, each one of us of our own imagination in form.

Walk with the true nature, our universe, all our relations!

Spirit Bear, The Darkening, The Hearkening Time Of Year Continues Till Upon Winters Solstice. Stay In Tune For The Spirit Visits To Come...

Feel The Hearkening Planetary Yoga. Love & Compassion Pulling Together...

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