• Gian Dharam

Spider Weaver Within Void That Is Great Mystery. Space Is Time For Earths Children To Dream Future..

New Language & Awareness, Growing Consciousness, Believe-Weave Together New Technology-Remember Your History. Every weave is a stitch or thread within the whole of the web of life. When life it's self leaves wholes in the web of life and memory is distant. All must dream, weave and create threading together the wholes in the web. Spider hones in a time of new language. awareness, growing consciousness and change.

Spiders shape of body and life floating in space weaving creating a web of life and death from thin air from the void to light constant over & over speaks of Infinity, Eternity...

Remember Who You Are, Know Thyself. Know You, "WE" can doing anything... But you humans must do it in oneness, because that is your truest nature and purpose creation has assigned you. So today you must dream of how amazing and cable you all are...

Spider dreamed primordial creation. It was Spider who dreamed us all into creation. Spider speaks create, create, create, "Humans Two Legged", weave me a peaceful world carrying creation in your hearts. Dream; It Is Possible...

Planetary Yoga... Yoga Warrior 2021 contest. Please cast your vote. Mahalo Nui Loa


Mantra Band is a wonderful supporter of this event. Below;


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