• Gian Dharam

Speak & Train with Gian... Planetary Yoga, Spiritual Knowledge & Wisdom... Spiritual Medium... Shift

Learn About Your Body, Learn About Your Mind & Inner Being, Learn About Your Energy & Aura, Learn About Mother Nature & Deepen Your Feeling, Learn About your Gut Health & The Food That Becomes You... Creation... Contact Today :)

Hiking & Ski Touring Swami Sherpa Style Among The Misty Mountains B.C. Canada...

Out Door Therapy - Elemental Awareness

Cold Water Therapy - Immunity Booster

Kundalini Yoga - Chakra System - Planetary Yoga

Stott Pilates - Physical Body

Taoist Tai Chi - Energy Body - Qigong

Massage & Reiki - Focused Healing

Shamanic Journeying - Sound and...?

Call for An Appointment or to Organize Classes, Workshops, or Retreats...

planetarypilatesyoga@gmail.com for "Consultation"... Contact Today :)

May The Force Be Within You...

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