• Gian Dharam

Snow Leopard. Strength/Sensitivity, Impeccable Integrity, Facing The Unknown. Trust/Faith Vulnerable

Thank You To This Artist Who Saw Through Cats Eye's

Company's & Organizations. Educational Business Incorporated, The Movement Of Great Spirit In These Times Is For True Equality, Right Relations, Holistic Plant Medicine & the end to an industrialized world full of synthetic foods, cloths and medicines above all the use of all toxic chemicals and over production. Their is still so much more to mention!

You have been viewing & learning here with Planetary Yoga discovering from these energies through the efforts of the Ancient Teachings being shared.

We well understand here high upon the mountain of the bigger picture and so forth value the importance of honer! Leadership is true strength among the moments it is achieved and yet is so very sensitive in such a feeling all pervading.

The Akashic Records are being written! To receive inspiration from valuable integral information, knowledge embodied into wisdom by a teacher is a great receiving from universal consciousness. If you are receiving knowledge then gaining monetary value as a "organization" by selling the knowledge you receive then you are simply do to give back from that which you have received. Humility & Becoming Humble requires stripping down your armor naked upon a mountain and seeing yourself as you are! Giving Back Is How The Energy Moves & Flows In Harmony Achieving Wellness For More Then Ones Self.

Living Highest Upon The Highest Mountains Of Mother Earth. We see how large she is, how small we all are and how obtainable our short comings can be! We climb high above all illusion, pain and suffering and we see how much is meaningless pertaining to nothing. Nothing primal, real or necessary for a good medicine life to unfurl among a new world rainbow tribe. Their are many answers, many solutions echoing among the winds from your whispers.

Remain Impeccable With Integrity Snow Leopard Speaks Soundly.

Half Moon - Two Sides That Equal Zero 🖤

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Planetary Yoga - True Leadership That Bows with Honer...

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