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Sep.10th, Waning Half Moon Gemini, Neptune close to Sun. Cosmic Love Reflection. Two sides Healing..

Neptune is Nearest to our Sun in its orbit Sep. 10th 2020 during a waning half moon in Gemini, A spiritual higher vibrational body within our galaxy (outer planets), our larger Body, our solar system... Emitting Cosmic love... Half Moon Mahina Reflection; Two sides that will heal one another becoming oneness...

Though; Neptune is in its backwards dance in Pisces from June 22, and it will stay retrograde for four months, until November 28... The intentions we set now in a higher love may take this time germinating awaiting springtime to root...

In Neptune's Retrograde, it helps when we practice holding this planets frequency intentionally (Cosmic Love)... A higher love that encompasses all things. The Larger Responsibility...

Many of our outer planets, higher energy centered planets, upper centers (spirit/god/creation) are retrograding through these months... It is a wonderful time for devotional practices to stay in tune towards higher productivity towards well being for one another...  :) Love & Gratitude...

Planetary Yoga

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