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Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction Bethlehem Oneness Star Of Awareness, Illumination, Understanding Love

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Oneness On The Horizon... If Comet NEOWISE was not a big enough Omen of light returning to our planet, consciousness rising? Look Up Above The Horizon, roughly 5 hour after its closest point in conjunction. Solstice Dec. 21st/2020 Great Mystery's Magic, The Sky's Voice Presently Today Earth Families Children.

Elegance & Grace, Healing & Unity, Connection & Growth... We Together...

Photo taken by Phone Cam... Zoom Inn...

Our New Earth Family Of Pure Love Rising, Rainbow Beings, Forever Beings Of A New Language. A Language Of Love, Understanding, Compassion & Caring all Sentient Beings... Seek & Dream, Focus The Web We Weave In Loving In Light Of "Harmony" Oneness with All Life Eternal within The Mystical Void With Broomstick & Wand Where All Weaves Together Creation In A Magic Pond...

Together a golden pond radiant with life... Giving & Receiving... Planetary Yoga...

Together, May We Welcome Our New Year... Our Golden Age... Gratitude & Thank You...

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