• Gian Dharam

Sailing To New Horizons-In Boat Pose-Lucky Number 13 Yoga Warrior ;) 2022 Rainbow Beings Activation

Seeds Have Been Planted. Love Week! Heart Opening Week! Sun Power Rising Breath Of Fire Meditation. Work It Solar Flare Light Body Awareness. Ground into the cycles of the seasons and Mother Earths Time! Slow down, deeper your inner knowing and your bodies senses... This is your time and world change is happening!

Love thy self, know thy self and be thy self...

Listen to the elements. Sun Light, Wind & Water --- Sparkle!

Learn Your Kriya Yoga & Chakra System With Teacher Trainer For Pilates Instructors & Teacher Of Kundalini Yoga Olm Gian Dharam. Planetary Pilates Yoga.

Pleiades Star Light.

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