• Gian Dharam

Raven Caws Believe. The Black Moon Is Coming, Our Ancestors Are Listening! Believe In Your Dreams Of

Father Creation, The Veils Are Thin... Enter The Void! Look within & speak here with conviction from your heart, your truth! Dream, Imagine & Believe. We are not alone! Raven is here to remind the two legged that the magic of creation is real and your faith (Your Knowing) in a higher love, a higher consciousness eternal in which all life is a part, is the key to the magic of healing energy and many changes in consciousness throughout ones lifetime!

Courier A Prayer, An Intention With Conviction & Love; Your True Feeling Is Healing Energy That Is Carried To The Great Spirit & The Ancestors To Be Heard. Believe...

You are more than what you have known and part of something far greater then can ever be imagined! Believe, Believe, Believe; In You! In Creation! In Love! In Consciousness!

Let your light shine all week within the deepest darkness of the great mystical void.

Breathing, Meditation, Prayer, Intention & Belief! Speak Truthfully From This Place...

Dream The New World With The Ancestors Throughout Hollows Eve, El Día de los Muertos Right On Into The New Moon Ceremony November 4th. Planetary Yoga!

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