• Gian Dharam

Preparing Fairy Ring Mushrooms. Just The Caps. Soup or dry for souping later, Exquisite Field Flavor

Field mushroom Fairy Ring. Pick wet or shriveled up dried out in the meadow. They will dry out or re-hydrate in the soup cooking! Either way; Truly a magical little gift within the grasses. Grows In Fairy Rings :)

Stalk is tough and stringy, Gills well spaced and do not run down the stalk, only meets it. Stalk is thin, cap is small 2'' at it's largest. No veil ring or volva (absent). Spores are white.

Confidence identifying mushrooms and then eating them can take time and their are so many with all these different and subtle characteristics.

I hope these posts inspire your creative perception of the mushroom world and confidence in preparing and ingesting absorbing nutrient mineral rich foods furthering transformation and growth within the natural world. Consciousness Shifting.

Planetary Yoga...

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