• Gian Dharam

Porpoise! Sound Is How The Mind Transcends Into The Existence Of Creation, The High Self Forever Now

Mana Moon Mantra Full Of Life Force Energy. All one can hear through their higher ones little child's pure voice of creation is pure utter love, and everything is only beautiful! Beautiful Only Is All Life! Even sadness is felt in a sense of joy in appreciation for life.

"Empathy Beyond Fear Or Separation Is Telepathy".

Breathing Into Homeostasis Equilibrium & Rhythm (Pranayama) Long Deep Breathing.

Prana Apana - The Balance Of Suns & Moons Energies Within... 11min Healthy Immunity.

Developing A Deeper Sense Of Ones Self & Creation By Sound. Sing Mantra Mele

Eco-Location... :) Listen to your voice & others eye's closed! Sing Together...

Develop From Within Behind Closed Eyes Your Gaze Into Oneness (Center Brow) Frontal Lobe Of The Brain. Focus as you make sounds... What will you see? Or grow to see?

True Chiefs must be servants to their people! Thus the Chief has an intimate connection with those they serve whom all ready serve others including him or her self, or is a youngling learning the courtesy of communication among the pods in service. It is the servant who advises the Chief, and all true Chiefs know this! "All authentic Chiefs thus tend to be very humble people".

The foundation stone for the "Indigenous Mind" (achieved state) is respect! It's about a reverence for life and serving this! It is a very different approach to life then our recent modern societies has been towards life and understanding it!

Hawaiian Elder "Hale Makua". Indigenous Polynesian Descendant King Of Hawaii - Lived humble as a servant among his people!

Respect All Sentient Beings.

The Mana Full Moon Approaches - Recharge Full Of Joy & Happiness - Squeak Your Love.

Have a wonderful wonderland time of year with family & friends... Planetary Yoga.

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