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PlanetaryYoga's Winter Book Study & Discussion. Now Until Spring Equinox 2021Aboriginal Wisdom Heart

Photo: Dogon Africian Tribe... Stars Sirius A B C (Follow Below)...

Welcoming All to Join Inn :) Planetary Yoga... Hope Your There!

Book Study;

Mutant Message Down Under & Mutant Message From Forever by Marlo Morgan. Beginning "Now" until Spring Equinox. Australian Aboriginal Wisdom...

See you Then...

Did you know? Dogon Africa Star Caves...

When Nasa was improving there galactic view throughout the universe through the refinement of telescopic technology. It was noticed and pointed out that Nasa's current observations are now closer to the Dogon Tribes Star Caves markings (created in Intuitive vision) then in there previous observations "by scale"... Wow!

Indicating that the Dogon Star Caves were a more of an accurate scale of the known universe then Nasa's original observations and perhaps even there current observations. Who Who Who can say :)

Deep Deep into the Caves Deep Darkness within the Earth. Until We Hear The Universe; Singing... Planets, Stars, Galaxies Spinning, There is No End or Beginning...

Planetary Yoga... Ancestors...

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