• Gian Dharam

PlanetaryYoga, HumanUnion, New Earth Communion. Sep.22nd/2020 Libra-Sun-Balance. A New Age Has Begun

Fall Equinox. We are well on our way into a new age of the quickening our ancestors describe these times as being. The age of Aquarius, Revolutionary Thinking and Expansive Consciousness. Slow Down! The fifth world can either be of separation or of union and this is not for us to judge or expect of each other, but for us to ask of one another.

These are the times of Radiant Illumination of all things of matter in which all differences are shed and let go of reuniting one human clan upon Mother Earth. A Golden Age of Peace & Harmony... (Love within a New Language of Living Lights Union)

The Rainbow Humans of the Blue Planet Earth... May we all help one another throughout Falls beautiful and Abundant Harvest... Planetary Yoga

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