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Planetary Yoga's Winters Vision Quests Learn Of Your Environment & Look Within Yourself For Future

Move Throughout The Kootenai's Touring With A Sasquatch Seeker

For truth, understanding and wellness. We at Planetary Yoga are teaching ourselves and others how to organize their lives by having clearly defined goals, putting things in proper perspective and disciplining their visions to a practical application well remaining connected to the dream. With great patients, we witness the miracles our love and devotion has nourished.

We share the capacity to observe details and to see the larger picture involved. We teach ourselves and those around us how to learn from their own lives, find their own flaws, and best of all, "find & create their own remedies"! This will give you the power to put things back in order for yourself well improving the harmony you experience with others.

Planetary Yoga's concern for you, is in finding a healthy balance between the needs of the mind and body and we know teaching others some basic principles will help you to do the same :)

Planetary Yoga instills the value of self-improvement when you are willing to learn and grow from your various life experiences.

We put emphasis in the areas of creative working, service, health & community gatherings to share with each other the gifts that have been growing within our connected solar & Lunar light times. Thank you & gratitude for you.

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Or Move Throughout The Kootenai's Touring With A Sasquatch Seeker

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