• Gian Dharam

Planetary Pilates Yoga: Service Is The Way Life Amongst Spiritual Culture Rises From An Old Paradigm

Visualize a golden light all around your body and within your surface body, skin and muscles... Then vision deeper deepening the light to emerald light glowing green all throughout your "center body", your trunk (lower & upper torso). Breath in Rhythm, the fluctuation of breath, the heart pumping oxygen and energy; Creations life force pulsing back and forth through your body. Witness this and follow this magic. If you get overwhelmed, just continue to breath and stay with it and it will pass...

Allow the light throughout your trunk to fluctuate and change colors. Allow your skeleton, your bones in your body to become heavy on the earth lying down with legs straight or knees bent feet planted a foot below sit bones in ya bum. The rest of your bodies matter becomes light with Breath; Bones become heavy on the earth, spine muscles release and relax. Breath allowing the heart more oxygen & energy (creations life force) to supply this to the rest of your body: Bones head (Skull &Tail bone) and spine become Heavy! The rest of your bodies matter becomes light. Breath.

Allow movement, follow this! Breath! Cellular transformation... The earth and sun are with you now! Really really! They appreciate you here and are helping you with every breath grow strong and stronger. Just receive radiation of this form as it is given. Trust, Breath, Relax... ️

Bear reminds use to spend time resting, to spend time within... You are held... Planetary Yoga... Golden Age...

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