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Panther Moon Tai Chi - Strength & Grounding Mongolian Inspiration January 21st / 2020 10am to 11am

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

First, realize that black animals have a higher amount of a pigment called melanin. If an animal is darker in relation to one of the same species, the darker animal has more melanin. In many panther cases the animal has a mutated gene making the creature, all black. In other cases, the Mountain Lion (mature Cougar) may still have browns, golden's, grays and white upon its nose/chin/ears, paws, underbelly and tail. The leopard's spots can still be seen within the black fur upon their body and even varies to maroon browns and reds. These Panthers are more commonly known with Jaguars and Leopards. All though, their are pictures of black Bob Cats and many black cougar sightings have been documented, so this may not be unique to only two species of cats. All blacks/panthers or Albinos can arrive in all species and variations of different pigmentation of a untamed variety is my thoughts. Mountain Lions, Snow Leopards, Big Cats eye’s very from yellow, green and blue and are often seen to be glowing in the evening lighting.

Astrological inspiration - The Aquarian New Moon Approaches.

The Dark Moon’s energy is fertile and is a good time for letting go, releasing and renewing returning to full vitality and strength. Planting new seeds of inspiration, focusing your thoughts and energy towards your hearts direction, rebirthing into what is to become you.

The Moon offers us this significance in it’s cycle, reminding us that time passes, that we are able to let go, and that there is a time to live new again cleansed and refreshed. Every night we lay to sleep offers us space to let go and every morning we wake offers us the space to live renewed.

We are like an empty bowl of light, and throughout our day, stones get toast in the bowl weighing on us. Empty the bowl of stones and we can begin again new and light.

Strength & Grounding

Animal Form Tai Chi Mongolian Inspiration - Winter Element

Join Gian Dharam for a one hour practice of Breath, Movement and Sound at

Lake Side Park near the Brick Labyrinth January 21st - 10am to 11am By Donation

Circulation, Mobility, Balance, Coordination, Strength and Control

Within the Art-Form of Tai Chi.

Focus Breath, Generate Inner Heat, Stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and mobility of joints. Move with others, Make noise, Discuss Nutrition.

Panther Moon Tai Chi - We will learn to grow roots and generate strength.


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