• Gian Dharam

Owl Walks As Silent As Can Be. Tip Toe Who Who, Who, Who Is All You Ear In Darkness Above your Fear?

Walk into the night. Owls Beak and Talons are razor sharp and directly to the point... Libra New Mahina (Black Moon) Balance Shadow and Light... The Ghost Owl...

Maryse Gallisant nee Cagigos (Mezin, France) July 16th, 1937 to January 26th, 2016

POEM: Adresse a mes collegues du musee Japonais ou j' ai travaille a

New Denver pour sa creation

Thank you, my friends

We come and go,

Thunder roll, and the winds blows.

We run and work

We laugh and cry.

The future is unfolding, the mystery remains,

I wish you a long journey my friends.

Be happy and remember = The wise man

Looks into space, there is no limits to dimensions.

Visions, dreams, creation...

Let us enter the unknown

Faith, Beauty and Love

Are opening new doors...

Land of Shadow can turn into consciousness,

Carry on my friends, don't look back, hold the light in your palm.

Don't let it go... Walk in the sky, walk in the clouds.

Let your feet touch the ground again.

Take a deep breath and say to yourself:

"I am Happy to be Alive"

Go luck my friends and thank you for your help, I enjoyed working with you...

Thank You Maryse Gallisant Nee Cagigos...

New Moon in Libra, Balance Between Worlds Ghost Owl Who's Howl...

Planetary Yoga... Every Moment; Is Perfect... Love...

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