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Osprey-The Fisher Hawk-Master Fisher-Bringer of Abundance, Healthy Life Style, Nuturer-Healer-Carer

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The great pause of these times. Venice canals run clear, dolphins appear in Italy’s waterways. Clear Sky's breathing fresh air in Delhi India and many other major cities around the world. Wildlife feeling safe and comfortable moving back into towns and even cities as humans stay in doors. Mother Earth and all life is connected with us and responding to us in every moment. This pause was a deep breath for all life and I'm sure many of us felt this blessing. We must take a good look at how we operate and why? I personally enjoyed the pause and see collectively that we are beginning to direct our focus towards what's important. Our mother Earth, all our living creature friends, plants and trees included & Our Human Family.

Learning the Alphabet of Nature. Learning the purpose of all living life and assisting this life forces direction among all earths creation respectfully, is the Human Way of Life on Earth our Ancestors accomplished and sustained for thousands of years. We should all be excited to live here together, we have so much to remember, learn and reactivate on our planet living today :)

Being fair is not the correct state of being. This state grows and festers when we begin to constantly compare & compete. Sharing and Caring is the correct state of being. Fair rhymes with share and care and is the starting solution to solving all our current issues among us in these times. Planting seeds, growing life and sharing the abundance and helping one another do the same is all we need to focus on as a world community. Keeping one another comfortable, having shelter and creating clothes and food together are healthy focuses in group activity. Beware of the Compare! The current foundational design of our society is based on working to receive life, taking without creating, period. You deserve it, right? You deserve birthright, freedom, we all do, and know one work's know harder then anyone else living & Dying! All hands should be on the earth lovingly nurturing life and witnessing the response receiving joyful the return from this communion. We are more capable of this now then ever, all hands held together. The calmer and more respectful we are with all things, the more life will thrive and return to us the well being we cherish. Life is Listening :) That is really something!

Osprey's Life Focus as a nurturer is beyond compare. Even Eagle finds himself in awe of Osprey's undaunting focus and beauty in it's unique way of living. Osprey was the first bird to catch Eagle's attention and teach him of himself! This Oracle Like Bird often hunched backed with a distance within its vision sees deep within the Lakes of Life Force Stirring. Knowing where to be before being there, Osprey's dives deep within them selves and remain there content, happy and grateful with there unique simplicity in living and emerge with "Abundance". Osprey constantly teaches Eagle about Sharing :)

Aura-Amber-Yellow Green with a hidden Indigo Unseen. Our hearts Love forming a Rainbow Arc within our Bodies, Visioning from our Third Eye's an Age of Peace & Harmony

The fifth and new world of Human kind all hands held together.

Two Weeks Left - Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy

This Tuesday June 9th, 11am-12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm!

By Donation - Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Osprey's Essence

Within the Art-Form of "creating life and sharing the abundance", We can Grow a New Way of Life on Earth Together :)


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