• Gian Dharam

Orca Chief Ali'i. Leaders Arise From Within The Ocean, Chosen By Mystery & Speak Truth That Matters!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Listen to the force greater then "We". Father Creation, Mother Eternal Move Through WE! For "We" who hold together for our harvest and share within the celebration of simplicity, will Canoe together through storms upon the seas. A tongue given divination for the next generation to speak for all that's living, maternal & eternal...

Choose Love, Choose Sensibility, Choose Choice...

Hold Hands, Hug One Another, Laugh & Smile. Build Culture In The Sense Of Healthy Immunity Together. Oneness

Fun Facts :) Did you know, that the amount of electromagnetic activity within a proton, is the same amount of electromagnetic activity within the entire universe :) Indicating; The same amount of energy exists in every point everywhere at the same time! Always...

:) Indicating; The Universe, Creation Is Holographic & Space Is Not Empty, But Full, Ever Presence & Responsive, Available for Connection... Oneness! Planetary Yoga Is A Connected Universe.

Please Note: This Discover Became Possible At It's Root, Do To Sacred Geometry, Not Physics! Remain Open! This Is So Important!


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