• Gian Dharam

One Month of World Prayer Within Moon Cycles. Cancer Black Mahina to Cancer Black Mahina Magic Seeds

Healing Oceans Devotions June 20th To July 20th Cancer New Moon To Cancer New Moon, May World Prayer Blossom & Bloom. Plant Your Dream Seeds for the New Whirling Rainbow World Beginning. Be Brave with your love, it is Infinity and our future to be!

Please, we invite you to Follow our Blogs for this time throughout this moon cycle. A Blog will appear on the new, half's and full moons.

Aura - Red & Orange Coral - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Chakra - Action, Passion & Creativity

All Life coming Alive Linking Tails working together. 3rd & 4th Chakra Yellow to Green. Rooted creativity from our collective heart felt vision around the world. Sea Horses, Poseidon Dragons, Rainbow Humans All A Kin, Horse Power Revelations Into Our Bright & Colorful Future Summer Whirlwind! Happy Summer Solstice :)

Sea Horse, The Maternal Father of the Great Ocean linking tails with his chosen Love Mother Companion & Friend. Nurturing the Reefs of Life for all a kin where all life on earth truly begins. Rainbow Elemental Life Force. May We Keep Learning & "Remembering"! Ancestry and Our New World to Come. When the old meets the new, rising true, a world beyond our imagination forever green and blue. All Tails Linked Together, all hands working as one. May our summer be joyful, peaceful, productive and fun.

Inviting you to plant 3 New Moon Seeds. One for our World, One for our Creature Friends and one for each other, all Human Sisters and Brothers.

Planetary Love Together!

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