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NewHumanBeginnings The Sounds Of AllCultureSinging, All Ancestral Roots Bonding, All Drums Beating

Wood Peckers Oscillating Rhythm Deep In The Wood. Energy Moving Between Heavens & Earth. Together... Ho'o'ponopono... Healing Indifference & Planetary Union Within Our Hearts. This Months Dreaming Our New World 2021 Together... Bang The Drum...

New Beginnings

New Spiritual Foundational Ways of Life and Community

Global Compassionate Community

Healing Practices Returning

A Healing World

A Conscious World

Rainbow Beginnings, Rainbow Beings, Our New Age Of Humanity...

Bang The Drum, Rattle Rattle, Sing The Songs IN Your Heart. We Are Oneness All Together... Planetary Yoga...

This weeks movie study in Dreaming Our New Beginnings;

"the Biggest Little Farm"...

All Cultures Beginnings, Love...

Mahalo Nui Loa... All Life Together...

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Gian Dharam
Humanity and the Natural World.
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