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Neon Star Anemone; Complex Symbiotic Relationship In Evolution. Humanity; Our Bodies and Natures

Surrender, Change, Learn and Grow... Neon lights human children complex geometry is sacred and obtains all the wisdom and talents, dreams and prayer for all to for go... We are all a part of our current; our present collective culture within a relationship with a much larger being, our mother earth. We are wise and unlimited beyond belief!

A Mystical Earth we live upon, alive and more powerful then we...

Sacred Geometry, Polished Pyramids illuminated by aligning rays of star light activating earth grid upon magnetic node points awakening the phoenix dragon earth fires of Mother Earths Maternal Primal Renewal forces... Magic is what is invisible, not only what you see is real, the magic is real as well (Ke Aloha)... Ali'i Makua! The more you practice, the more you feel...

Our true value is within our unity, and the divine has hidden the keys to the mystery within each other. Value the mystery and live true and present with one another forever and always... Anemone Calls to our ability to adapt, respect, value, learn and grow all together as they do among a complex diversity of life forms all in symbiosis relationship.

Anemone knows we are all up for the challenges of today's world and have the abilities inherit of learning of a new world beyond imagination together...

A turning point in our collective evolution and consciousness beyond our current state and beliefs, social dynamics, economics (Happiness)... What is true productivity (Abundance)? What is true profit (Faith In Culture, Inspiration, Spirit)? Etc... (Beyond Ego)

Spirit is what we are, not science and this cannot be observed or controlled by one of us, group, collective and so on. This is only a moment of separation to isolate perspective and control, obtain, take, claim, grasp, learn, integrate, expand, shift, grow and so on...

Life is very real, but it is as illusive as an illusion because it is not superficial, it is spiritual... Integrity of the heart is for those who are not faint of heart.

Dolphin Tribes Honer and Highest Joy... Aloha

We are all understanding that we are one species. A settling natural harmony exists beyond a controlling state of being... We truly have no control on that level of manifestation and we are foolish to claim it within our speech, but not to discuss it maturely and shape this together. Peace and Harmony Among Us All... All that we are is from within our earth and we are remembering to share it... Remembering to honer the living moment and life force and intention, our eternal spirit...

We are the intention, We are the building blocks of thought that inspires new action and creation. This is the bigger issue we all need to consider and address within our collective consciousness... The children arriving in this modern world and those who are growing within it know! Know and feel and have always felt that which is untrue, misguided from the natural way of all living life existing among the entire universe.

Do you feel it to?

A harmony much of our dealings are quite obliviously out of place with;


This begins with each other, Our intentions, our unity, our happiness, our spirit, our culture, our love... What do we turn to as a collective in times of trial as a collective? Our culture, our unity, our spirit, our faith, or our science, our structure, and our social system?

Why? May we Inspire one another's hearts within our days to come... An open feedback loop of information in constant transmutation.

A Golden Hoop of Relationship Spiraling Forward In Continual Realization

Everyday, A New Day within our Collective Manifestation. Real Freedom, no constraints or limitations, only common sense and a higher love for one anthers well being...

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