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MotherGrizzly NewMoon Into The Deep Cold, MysticVoid; A Cosmic Lovers MagicPond; A Child's MagicWand

One more Spirit Animal Yet to come and Speak next week Nov.21st/2020

Nelson British Columbia Art Walk Tribute; Ending our Current Behavior... Logging, Mining, All water pollution and chemical use, Fracking, "5G & Vaccines" and so on...

Ancient Riddle - Why is The Red Man Red? Why is The Red Bear Red?

Healthy Immune System's...

Taking In the Cold Blue, "We" allow "Spirit INN"... Our Burning Will Feeling Within, Red Irritated stimulated in equal temperament among contrast frost bitten skin...

Inside, Frisky, a Rising Fire of Being Alive, Eye's Glowing Spirit Wise...

The Elemental World Seasons Changing; Teaches us to live well, healthy & Strong...

Planetary Yoga... Natures Worlds Culture Along Our Way, a new day together every new day... Winter harmonious play...

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