• Gian Dharam

Mother Earth - We ride upon her together swimming through the cosmos, Communion - Oneness Poem

Rainbow Light Children of the Rainbow Spectrum of all Creation of all Time!

"E Na Opio O Anuenue"                                                                    

Children of the Rainbow Ancestors (All human kind)(You!), reborn in thy colors of all skin, all akin, all one! The rainbow bridge forming into the golden age is underway, a golden chain returning to our awareness all links forming the sacred Golden Hoop of life. A bridge of consciousness forming among the minds of all people.                               Together, we shell find our way!                                                                              

Keahi Keala Keanu (Gian Dharam Singh) Jeremiah Undereshute                                                                            

Poem of our times.

Rainbow Spiritual Divination, Prayer together, hold hands, connect hearts.                         Aloha                

Star Light, Star Bright, the endless vastness array of Stars I see tonight. I swish a wave, I wish for flight upon every star I see tonight.                                  

Uka, Uka Ke                                                                                

Winds, waters and moisture, illuminated mists                        

Water molecule seeps through the lands over mountains and sea a drift                         Yes Please, a journey upon these high seas                                  

Feeling mothers maternal liquids sway learning to listen to oceans tides to abide and obey                    

In rhythm currents constant movement one with thy raft                                                       Wind in thy sail, steering our sacred "Craft"                                            

We come from the stars to experience and nurture the lands. Our great mother life force, generator, organizer, deliver and destroyer gentle hands. In right relation their is no need for fear or any one persons plans. My people, all people, "Live for these lands". Mahalo Nui Loa                                                                                    

Prayers Kanaloa, may all hear you through the hearts of these courageous souls upon this sacred journey within sailing canoes. All of you and I. Love you!                                                                      

Ke Aloha, Turtle Island, our magic carpet within a cosmos.

We are Oneness, Rainbow Light Forever

Keahi Keala Keanu (Gian Dharam Singh) Jeremiah Undereshute

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