• Gian Dharam

MiraculousMiracles-of-Manifestation.Millions of nature beings in transformation taking form around U

Miraculous Miracles of Manifestation. Millions of Billions of nature beings in transformation. Taking form all around us, so much to take in, notice and learn to memory, you wish not to miss your turn of any of this bliss, every rain drop, a gift of nature, a moist little kiss, to tickle and help you giggle and wiggle little.

Aura Green - Green Lantern, Natures full Gleam, Suns Grin, Radiation golden light, Earth Waters Reflective Beam, translucence forever green.

When hearing Frog morning and evening, nature has purified and cleansed, fresh air, new electricity, mineral rich waters, Life is "Fertile" beyond knowing for a little while. Smile, reverence and rejoice, respond to all she asks of us, is our best choice!

No creature is as mystical as frog with little mystic friends, worm and snail among the same hail, no power as is great as this life force awakes. Greetings to Green Life Force Supreme!

Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi - May we dance for the sun and water and the growing life force within, living Mana.

Move with others, Within the Art-Form of your nature.

Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Frog Essence - Traditional way of love and respect. Fertility :)

This Tuesday April 28th, 11am to 12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm

By Donation - 72min OUTDOORS!

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