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MaternalFathersOfTheGreatSea-NurturingTheReefsOfLife For-All-a-Kin-WhereAllLifeOnEarth-TrulyBegins

Happy Fathers Day, Happy Summer Solstice, Happy New Moon Weekend Bliss :)

Nurturing & Creating Life Together Enjoying Our Warm Season.

The fathers greatest lesson is not to be heavy on his own heart through the lesson of humility over and over again, not to be bitter and harden, but to allow his own heart to continue to be free. Like his children. We mustn't fear as fathers, for the future is wise and strong.

All Man carries fatherhood within and this presents us with are hardest life lessons, "not so much choices" of our journey, our earth walk. The greatest humility, in one word; STOIC Blessings to all fathers, may we see one another out there, all men holding hands.

Sea Horses prefer to swim with there tails linked together :) Universal Love. Aloha

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