• Gian Dharam

Lynx Is The Sphinx Keeper Of Secrets. Is The Sphinx Out Of The Bag Or Has A Lynx Caught Our Tongues?

Lynx Meows Dharma. Dharma is the very energy that supports the Universe, it is the support of the Earth, all planets, stars and galaxies in there orbits.

"Consciousness Born Of Compassion And Kindness".

We are all magical beings. The Universe is holographic & the physical body is an antenna. Trust In Your Heart & Dreams... Know Thy Self & Live Well...

The Planck Density - The Vacuum Density - The Volume (Mass) Of Energy In The Proton = The Density Of The Known Universe, The Cosmos; One Electron - One Consciousness Expanding & Accelerating,,, 'We Have Our Map'

One more powerful spirit visitor to come this fall to lift the Vail from human consciousness forever opening our human species awareness to the star nations and galactic federations communions... Seek Thy Hints... Meow!

Their is really never anything to fear! Serve compassion & kindness upon your journey; Serve the light! May The Force Be With You! Planetary Yoga...

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