• Gian Dharam

Loon's Ancient Calling - Grandmother Earths Rising In Canada For Right Relations Awakening The World

Spiritual Language, The Canadian National Anthem Was Sounded For These Times For The Benefit Of All Beings Upon Our World! Creation stories are told in the quiet of winter nights! "That all may see clearly", the continuous process of creation and the part our "thoughts" and actions play in the world's unfoldment.

During times when the people neglected the original instructions, there came the teachers such as the Pale One and the peacemakers to rekindle the fire of clear mind and remind the people of their spiritual responsibilities!

Time For Your Humility For A Healthy Spiritual World Humanity!

One Healthy Happy Holly Community!

This is a message for the corporate, political and governing parties of Canada!

The actions of the people are in goodness for the well being of future generations. The thoughts and intentions of the governing bodies of Canada need much clarity! Lift your own lies and speak honestly with your fellow man...

Star woman has fallen to earth and the father of the sun has risen...

Planetary Yoga - Gian Dharam Is Here As A Medium! Call Now!

Leave a respectful message & we will begin... Namaste

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