• Gian Dharam

Lion's-Leadership/Responsiveness in Kindness/speak truth in each moment possessing Humility&Courage

Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi - Planes of Movement and the Bodies Energy

This Friday May 8th, 11am to 12:12pm - Lakeside Park, Nelson B.C. at the Brick Labyrinth near the Tennis courts. Bring head cover & gloves. Stay warm, By Donation

Animal Form Inspired - Spring Element - Lion Essence

Aura Orange - To Lead is to allow the strength you see in others to carry forward in life and encourage it's living to it's fullest potential without becoming afraid of it's beauty.

Know Thy Self. How we live is the message we teach. The courage to step forward and live as you are, the ability to speak truthfully and taking the time to be clear. Most important, to never expect another to accomplish something you have not yourself or explain something to you you do not understand, unless you are comfortable with "being ready to learn yourself". This requires the ability to lead your lead, walk your talk without insisting others follow. A key for the true meaning of production in communication is honest connection and mutual understanding. This is the wisdom knowing we are all leading in life in our own way, so space and respect must be shared.

Eagle possesses great vision and foresight, but cannot lead the earth walkers for it lives in the air. Lion stands firmly on the earth largest in physical power and must learn all of its relations from a place of understanding and heart feeling to himself or herself to be comfortable and at peace in the environment. Lion learns that abusing his own power out in the world of living creatures, quickly wares on his own energy levels, body and wellness. The giant feline never wastes anything, above all it's own energy or chancing unnecessary harm to it's body or that of others!

We all share all Archetypes upon our earth walk of Human Experience, Lion knows this and enjoys the humor of this observation among all living :)

The responsibility of a good leader is to tell there own truth always and to smile with compassion. Panic and the behavior it leads to is not a good resource! Breathing and meditation in balancing ones own mind and body feeling clear and relaxed connected again to the whole able to listen to ones own inner knowing will prove time and again in retrieving healthy answers. A leader cannot tunnel vision into the fear panic may arise in themselves or others. Laughter is healthy and staying focused on the well being of the whole helps with this burden and sacred service.

Blessings to all Humanity at this time. May we all rejoice peacefully and calmly for one another as we begin to consider what a new beginning will mean and may look like, for all of us. May we all strive for a beautiful vision for one another, our creature friends and our mother earth as we lead our way forward. Big Lion Power to all the world. Love to all, So Much! Aloha (Divine Being).

Move with others, Within the Art-Form of "your nature". 72min OUTDOORS!

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