• Gian Dharam

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Aura - Pearl Purity - Holy Mother of Pearls Maternal Mother Prayers - Call to Her June 11th Thursday All The World Rainbow Whirling Together Forever Witnessing What Unfurls :)

Hawaii, Orca Whale's Honor - Wolf's of the Sea Matriarch Holy Mothers, Pearls of the Ocean Wise, Rise Beaming in Being Pure Grace Gleaming. A State of Being Merry :) All Love is Returning.

The Great Pause Just Experienced is a Monumental Moment in Our History Historic as a Global Community. We are just beginning to grasp and understand all Life is Listening and Responding to us as a Whole Human Tribe on Earth in Every Moment.

Bang our Pots and Pans! Celebrate, we can together in good relation globally communicate and witness all things come to life and collaborate. Fiesta

Magnetic Elemental Living Earth, Lava Flow, Mountain, Valley and Prairie

Solar Winds Cosmic Dusts Minerals Robust!

Living Listening Waters Purity is Truth, the Tides Bring Fresh Energy Rhythms Boost

Living Air Atmosphere, Winds Flowing & Weaving, Life Force for all Life Breathing

Sacred Fires Renewal, Germination, Nutrient Soil, New Life's Spiraling Coil

Ether Heart Coherence, Communion, the universe & earth respond when there is Union.

Aloha, is Love everyday, patients in these days for each other, loves fruition is our Pay.

Up Coming Moth of Prayers Speaking with Mother Earth; June 20th Cancer New Moon to July 20th Cancer New Moon. May Healing Come to all of our earth. Oneness Rainbow Prayers. I Hope all the world will join together in Rainbow Whirling in these sacred moments in these sacred times we share. Mahalo Nui Loa

Love in these times Prevails. Big Hugs Around The World - Bacteria is good for you and your immune system. Colloidal Silver kills the bad bugs ;)

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