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JaguarPanther StockingBlackMoon, Tears the Sky Revealing the Heavens sniffing out the stench of fear

Deep Visceral Work, Meditation, a Waning Deepening Moon, Bravely into the Unknown...

Are you, are we Dreaming the Wrong or Right Dream? It's time for false priest hoods, negative or manipulative science, all fear based intention and leadership to be revealed?

A two year old sucking on the bar handle on the bus running his tongue up and down. I'm not wearing a mask mommy he smiles eyes gleaming...

I will not follow fear as my leader.

I will not isolate myself or others.

I am not willing to talk down of others.

I am not willing to talk negatively about humanities current circumstances, only the abundance we share.

I am not willing to give up on the wilds natural sustainability and ancestral agriculture for a corporate spoon.

I do not believe financial means and ends are of more importance then the abundance and well-being we create from mother earth for one another, and the manner in which we share. Everyone hands on the earth, everyone involved, included and touched.

I will not speak or believe there is a food shortage or that our planet is not still rich with life force. We create to much every year in less healthy manners then necessary and waist unfathomably energy and food a like. We can organize more rationally!

So much food is left on the shelves, goes bad, is not honored or shared...

So many buildings left empty well others sleep out in the cold...

Hot soup turns to ice well others bones grow cold...

I will not speak of our climate as if our earth is unhealthy or incapable for providing for everyone, though I will continually speak of the less conducive behavior and less sustainable towards natural living, health and well being. All modern living and technology should be eager to move towards forward in a healthier alignment with these annual forces.

Cosmic winds of life force shower our planet constantly infusing our planet with all the mineral we will ever need. Listening to her. Open her up to her nature, her natural flow and ours... Human and animal a like can live here upon her in abundance without fear.

I am not willing to speak negatively about our government who is filled with humans like myself working hard to organize and figure things out constant...

I am not willing to stop speaking openly with the government and all humanity of how we can support each other in a productive manner in discussing how to create a new system and continue with the positive changes.

I am not willing to behave towards another in a state of fascism, Politically correct or spiritually immature manner.

I am willing to love you and to be loved like the children of creation we all are, here together forever... Mahalo Nui Loa Big Gratitude Hugs around the world...

Integrity and Impeccability in Spiritual Understanding Learning to Hear from the Compassionate Heart; Forgotten is the Power of the honorable and loving Heart of all creations truly faithful teachings and practices. The faithful ride upon Jaguar...

Shamanic Journeying is the oldest form of prayer connecting every culture to the void of eternal mystery beyond space and time where all the answers, warmth and wellness of all time can be felt, touched and remembered...

Work that will support us in creating truly nourishing homes and family environments that live them selves as we are a part of forever... The Living Worlds...

Planetary Yoga... Heart to Heart... Believe me, the solutions are never ending, so much to share... Just pick up the phone and call :)

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