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Jaguar-The Power of A Compassionate Heart. Teachings of Loves Integrity in Spiritual Impeccability..

The spirit of Jaguar is he who comes in dream stocking spiritual justice reflecting healthy strife. Leading the Human Consciousness to return to the Golden Era of Collective Spiritual Understanding and the Humanity fit for our rising human potential...

Equinox, equal lunar moon to Libra's sun light. Balance between worlds this kitten unfurls (make or become spread out from a rolled or folded "state", especially in order to be open to the winds)...

The Mystics Month, Vail's are thin Moving towards Libra new moon, spirit guides awaken within Octobers gloom... Happy Aries full moon...

Jaguar's primal roar - unwilling to pass judgment on another or to be self serving, the forgotten and authentic power of the honorable loving heart all gods and faiths reveal in there highest truth and beauty understood. Jaguar Speaks of Spiritual Justice to the whole world. It is time for humanity to share are histories glories together in peace and harmony and learn of higher knowledge and ancient planetary wisdom together. This month upon our planet should be in grand celebration in recognition to our worlds heart opening to a collective union, trust and new beginnings...

Dishonorable behavior, abuses of power and misdeeds towards others must diminish. All greedy misdeeds will cease clenched between the teeth of Jaguars Jaws smothered by the great power of her paws...

Feel the fuzzy fur and hair growing upon your skin, orange, yellow and golden fur, black splotches deckles on your legs, arms and torso. A tail from your sacrum rising over your back. Whiskered cheeks balance between sky and earth, jump, run and dance, rebirth...

Allow your Feelings of Well Being to continue to flow with compassion and openhearted integrity... We are here together, all of us :)

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