• Gian Dharam

Infinite Spectrum Cosmic Rainbow Spiral. Its Hard To Imagine By Scale. Torque & Curve, Space Sounds.

Torque & Curve Space Densities, Sounds Transcend Mind, Heart and Body. Our Language Is Growing, The Earth Is Awakening, Remembering ;) A New Beginning Is Inevitable :) Perhaps The Universe Shell Just Keep On Giving And All The Renewal & Nourishment The Earths, Waters & Atmospheres Need Is Happening & More Is On It's Way... How Do You Feel About These Words Above. Great LOVE...

By the naked eye... For three years now with devoted attention with intention seeking and viewing Uranus by my own eyes in the star light. Looking back from today, I realize, I remember her now, seeing her a few times in the past few years unsure. After the past six days March 3rd to 9th, 2021. I have become sure of her and I'm even finding myself spotting her effortlessly. She seems to be speaking :) Life is a very long journey by the scale of our conscious mind and everything takes time. Especially by the scale of space! "Earths Real Time". So please be patient and practice gratitude until it's always there. May Earths Children Grow Strong & Healthy... So Grateful In This Moment. May all the world feel this love. Planetary Yoga... Gian and Love Bugs :)

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