• Gian Dharam

Illumination Upon A Winter Of New Wonders. We Are Each Others Medicine In Love. Everything Is Energy

The Aura is charged with the energy that courses through us within every cell, then back to the Aura to communicate with the entire universe. Everything throughout the cosmos then back to the Aura to your body throughout every cell and so on within every pulse, every heart beat and breath you feel. Everything is in perfect unity to thrive in love and compassion. The cosmos consciousness, intelligence or design is oneness. Learn the earths alphabet, respect, observe and listen. Their are secrets that will reveal them selves to you so beautiful, you will fall in love and never forget! All together now, we will evolve. Shine the light.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

The Chakras are within you. Everything is real. Breath, Chant/Mele (Sing) & Meditate On The One. Give It Back To The Cosmos!

Planetary Yoga...

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