• Gian Dharam

The Octopus of Consciousness - 8 Eight limbs of Yoga

The eight limbs of yoga. The Octopus of Consciousness. Study the Ancient arts of the human form and discover your beings secrets, your potential through your trials with Gian Dharam.

The discipline and liberation of our mind, body and spirit. The inherent abilities that support us in navigating the modern world, living well and setting foundation for transformations on our journey, lies within our personal self discovery.

To chisel, sculpt and discipline, defining and redefinition, centered developing greater presence and awareness in the crucible of life, discovering character of ample amplitude well continually processing and integrating living throughout the exploration of the depths of your unique being. Living to your fullest potential and then?

Study with one who will continually challenge your nervous system in learning and expand mindfulness and thought in creative form among the natural worlds abundance

The ancient arts of the human body with Gian Dharam

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